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What are Dekko Comics?


Comics that turn school curriculum information into engaging comic strips, thus smashing motivational barriers to reading and learning. This especially includes dyslexia & autism.

As a bonus they also use colour-coding and footnotes to make the reading and educational clarity even more accessible, (similar to mind-maps).

The Team


Dekko Comics is made by passionate individuals who want to make a positive change in education through their quality work.

The comics are based on a technique that the creator (Rossie Stone) used for himself in his own school years; as a solution to a long struggle with dyslexia.


the characters


Dekko Comics consist of many whacky characters. Some are absurd, all of them are entertaining. Have a look and see which one you like best.


have we been tested?


Dekko Comics was tested on six different schools before being officially released to the public, which concluded the comics effectively engaging, clear, and memorable resources.

Since public release in September 2016, the positive feedback has not stopped there... 




Take a look at some free digital examples of the comics yourself, to see how they work and judge their effectiveness for yourself.


Commissions & Workshops


We take commissions where we turn others' info into engaging comics.

We also do workshops where Rossie teaches pupils how to make their own comics out of their work.

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We've been through a lot since we started off! Check out our timeline to see how far Dekko Comics has come.


extra materials


Answers to the Puzzle Pages in Dekko Comics, previous Fan Pages, Detective Duke solved Mysteries, or to see the names on our Hall of Fame from Dekko supporters.


Dekko in the Media

Dekko Comics have been featured in the media such as BBC News, STV and TEDX. They have also won acclaim and awards.

If you would like us to feature in your media, or have us attend an event or talk you have in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch.