Dekko Tutoring

Six sessions that build a personalised study technique for boys and girls, young and old, out of their hobbies and entertainment

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Students are taught how to utilise the things they find fun and are passionate about as an effective study technique that can be applied to any school subject or difficulty. This includes:

  • Maths

  • English / Language

  • Spelling

  • Reading

  • Concentration

  • History

  • Science


If the student has a love for drawing, they will be taught how they can use their drawing to master their times tables much easier than before. If your child is into a certain kind of music, they will be taught how they can utilise their favourite songs in a way that will make homework and/or revision so fun they would do it on the weekend.

This will be conducted over 6 sessions, one per week, online or in person. The length of a session is one hour. Money-back-guarantee if sessions and results are not satisfactory.

in-person sessions are limited to Glasgow, Edinburgh & stirling only, (uk).

online sessions, however, are available internationally and are not limited to location.

The sessions can be specialised to any student’s personal difficulties, including but not limited to:

  • Dyslexia

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Dyspraxia

  • Dyscalculia

  • Dysgraphia

The choice of what the tutoring sessions are focused on is up to the student and/or the parent/guardian. It can be anything from algebra, to spelling, to KS2 history, to general concentration and attention in class.

The benefits and results of Dekko Tutoring include:

  • Improvements in schoolwork / whatever subject focused on.

  • Boosts in self-confidence and self-esteem (getting better results and learning in a way that feels natural).

  • A personalised learning method they can apply to more than just the subject/area focused on in the sessions.

  • Greater independence in learning: knowing how to find a way to overcome an obstacle they’re stuck on, rather than relying on a teacher or parent to help or motivate them.

  • Stronger memory retention (a lot of the teaching will be sensory, and so the student will be given more ways to remember information than just words alone).

This guy is a hero, easily the best training we’ve ever done. We’ve all been raving about it. Can probably tell you every single thing the guy said and did.
— Kerry, parent attendant of a Dekko Workshop

Students (aged 8–16) are given personalised one-on-one tutoring sessions with Dekko Comics founder and creator, Rossie Stone.

As a dyslexic student struggling at school year by year, he found a way to use his love of drawings to turn his grades from D’s and C’s into his first academic grade A.

I was at the dyslexia parents meeting on Monday night, and wanted to thank you for your inspiring talk to us all. My 8 year old is dyslexic and has visual stress... your talk brought it home how cartoons and drawing can open up learning for some kids. Thank you!!
— Lindsay, Parent of a child with dyslexia

Since 2016, he has specialised in providing educational resources that teach through entertainment and embrace distractions as the key to the solution, rather than viewing them as problems. He has also helped hundreds of children and many parents and teachers find personalised study techniques, to great response.

Your confidence and clarity in explaining processing words was helpful for me as a parent of a child who has similar issues. And yes, this isn’t rocket science, but sometimes it helps to have someone tell you that it’s OK to use such a seemingly frivolous technique to be effective. So thank you.
— Parent who attended Dekko Workshop in Inverness

Since his background is art and animation, Rossie Stone has no official tutor or teaching qualifications to offer. However, his work has been noticed and featured on such platforms as BBC News, STV, TEDx Talks, The Borders Book Festival, Scottish Edge, The National Diversity Awards, CCF Awards, and more. Through his work with Dekko Comics, he has been invited to deliver workshops in over 50 schools and events, and even internationally. Reviews for his teaching have been extremely positive and he has often been asked back for follow-up sessions. These tutoring sessions are the result of many years of work, engagement, results, and personal experience.

Dekko Tutoring is built on the philosophy that school and education never needed to be boring or inaccessible to any learning type, and the understanding that school still predominantly teaches in one way. There are a lot of highly intelligent young students out there who never get the chance to realise it, and Dekko Tutoring is all about unlocking that potential in the individual and showing them what they can achieve.

Why does your child get distracted by that thing? What do they prefer to spend their time doing? How can we harness that passion so that we turn that “problem” into the solution?