Dekko Timeline


The venture begins

September 2015

Rossie starts working on turning his revision technique from school into comics that can help others, and to build an entertaining-education business.

Prototypes & Testing

November 2015

The prototypes are made and the concept of the comics starts getting tested with other pupils.


March 2016

A kickstarter is launched to raise enough money to make the first two official ‘Dekko Comics’ for public consumption.

Ltd Company Birth

April 2016

The kickstarter reaches beyond it’s £10k goal and raises over £13,000. ‘Dekko Comics’ is officially set up as a Limited Company. First ever Dekko Artists are brought on board.

'Dekko Comics' is born

September 2016

The first Dekko Comics issues ever — Issues 1&2 — are released to the public.

Funding & Recognition

December 2016

Dekko Comics is one of the winners at Young Edge, winning £10,000 grant funding.

Media Attention

January 2017

Rossie has been doing his first TEDX Talks on the Dekko Comics concept, and we are even featured on BBC News. Commissions are beginning to take off, as are Dekko Comics workshops. Dekko exhibits at the BETT Show that year.

Publishing Giants Attention

March 2017

Dekko exhibits at the Education Show. It is also now in communications with HarperCollins, who seem potentially interested in running a publishing pilot with Dekko Comics. Management Team expands.

Issue 3 comes to be

June 2017

Dekko Comics Issue 3 is Launched. Dekko Comics gets ready to enter a working relationship with HarperCollins. Artist Team expands.

New branches booming!

August 2017

Rossie is sold out three times over for his workshops at the Borders Book Festival. Issue 4 is made, but not yet released to the public. Workshops and Commissions are now full branches of the business.

Issue 4, people want more

November 2017

Dekko Comics Issue 4 is officially Launched at St Andrews Primary School in Stafford. Dekko Comics are being sold internationally.


Apri 2018

Subscriptions are launched…