privacy Policy

Your personal information is really important online. It’s what identifies you as you. It might be your name, or your address, or it might be other information that gets collected when you’re online, through things called cookies. Not the chunky chocolate chip kind (unfortunately!) but the kind that leave little crumbs on your computer. The ‘crumbs’ on your computer are bits of software that make websites work, or make sure that our website remembers what you wanted so you can make a purchase or go back to the page you were on. There are other kinds of cookies which track other things but these are the kinds of cookies that aren’t always nice and so we try to not use them.

Sometimes, in order to get you from A to B on the Dekko website or products, we need to use other companies – like the school bus that gets you from your home to your school. We don’t own the school bus, so we trust others to provide that part of our service. They’re called third parties and we do our best to make sure that you’re okay with those third parties before you use Dekko stuff, as well as doing our best to make sure those third parties aren’t really the bogeyman or doing things they shouldn’t with your personal details.

We keep your details safely and use it to do things like send you the newsletter, or details about events, or other people’s events (like National Dyslexia Week), or things that we think you might be interested in. We also keep your information so we can do boring adult things like our taxes and financial accounting, or to provide refunds if we need to. Sometimes, we also publish fan art which might identify you so that everyone knows it’s your work (and how awesome you are).

Basically, in order to provide you with cool stuff like Dekko comics, the Dekko Reader (our App for tablets and mobiles), Dekko workshops and all the other Dekko experiences and stuff that are available, we need to collect some personal information about you and to do certain things with it. But you have a right to know what those things are and, because we know how important your information is, we’ll do our best to keep it safe.

You also have rights over your information. So, for example, you can ask for a copy of what information we hold about you, or you can let us know if we’ve got any of your information wrong and we’ll correct it. You can also ask us to erase your information or to ask us to keep doing some things with it but stop doing other things. You can object to us using your personal information and you can also ask for a human to intervene in any computer-made decisions based on the information you give to us.

Where you’ve given us permission to use your personal information, you can withdraw that permission (or consent) at any time – in some instances, this means we’ll stop using your personal information as soon as you ask us to but, in some other instances where that’s not possible, we’ll use it to complete your purchase or fulfil any other agreement with you. It may also not always be possible to stop using some of your personal information because we need it for that adulting we were talking about – the Taxman needs us to hold certain information for a long time, for example.

If you’ve got any questions about what we do with your personal information or how we use it, you can email / write to us at:

Dekko Comics Ltd
20 Victoria Road
G66 5AN

If you write to us and you’re not happy with our response, you can also ask the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to have a look and make sure we’re doing the right things with your personal details. You can contact them at:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

But, for the most part, we would encourage you to know how to keep your information safe online and to talk with us about any concerns you have – our goal, after all, is to help you on your learning journey and to provide enjoyable experiences for you.

If you want to find out more about being safe online, you could have a look at which has some more details. Or, if you’d like a more legal-sounding version of the privacy notice, you can find that in our Legal Notices.

Dekko Reader (app) Privacy Notice:

Your personal information is collected to provide you with personalised products and services specific to you. We only collect what we need to provide you with the goodies you want, though. We'll use your information to manage your account, make the App effective and the best experience for you, so we can make sure our products and services meet your needs. To do that, we also use third parties, for example, to make the App run, to process payments for the goodies we provide to you, and with us, Dekko Comics Ltd. If you have chosen to receive news from Dekko (you don't have to do this to use the App but we'd love you to be part of our community), your details will be transferred to MailChimp, the cheeky monkey we use to send you updates about all things Dekko. We aim to use the information you trust us with responsibly and securely and if you have any questions (or - and we hope this never happens! - complaints), please contact in the first instance. More details about your privacy and how we use your personal information is on our website. If you're happy with all of that, go play and have fun making your Dekko Reader experience your own!