Here at Dekko, we don't just make our own comics. We also offer to turn YOUR organisation’s cause, message or idea into an entertaining visual to effectively 'wow' and engage. It's not just comics we can conceive, write and make for you – but also posters, caricatures, or anything else you'd like to work with us on. Whatever the medium, our focus is to grab people's attention and get them absorbed in and connected to what you're wanting to tell them.

We can do any style, from whacky to realistic. We have done comics for Universities, businesses, charities and social enterprises big and small. Such big names include Warwickshire Fire Service and Heriot-Watt University. This has gone from a little side of Dekko to a full-fledged business branch. We are at your service and know we are the best people for the job when it comes to making your info engaging (both to read and remember)!


Comic page for Neighbourhood Networks - an organisation that helps connect individuals requiring support to their local community. This story, based on a testimony, is now used to encourage others to join.

 Transforming your ideas into an ENGAGING COMMUNICATION DEVICE

You have a great company or organisation and a great cause, and you really want to make a difference to your audience. But the problem is just getting them to engage with what you have on offer and getting them to care and relate to what you represent.

Our job is to turn your message into something unique and powerful; better at communicating your points than any flyer or business card would. This is because we believe that entertainment is the strongest communicator of all. By turning it into a visual poster or a comic, suddenly it speaks to them on a sensory basis, rather than relying on them to read - which can be an effort for the average passer-by.



Front Cover of a comic made for Warwickshire Fire Service to explain Fire Safety to school pupils. We did all the comic stories inside too, which covered everything from Hazards to Smoke Alarms to Health & Fitness in the Fire Service.

Entertainment is much more POWERFUL AND ACCESSIBLE than just words and reading.

You want to connect people to why your message is important, or how you can help them and why should they care. So why display what you have to offer in some basic photos, a couple of bland clipart cartoons, and piles of paragraphs of text?

We take the information you want your customers to be aware of, and use professional storytelling and high quality visuals to turn that info into something eye-catching and entertaining. We’ll make it so they can’t help but engage with it out of their own curiosity, and they’ll be enjoying it from page one - instantly establishing a positive connection with you and your brand or organisation.



A comic and character made to help children and families of the Armed Forces with transitions. We made a whole series of characters for them, in a 24 page booklet.

 Making your message into a STORY, and your cause into CHARACTERS. 

There are some charities, social enterprises and businesses that do very important work, that can help people a lot in their lives. We use the power of high quality narrative, (kept as simple as possible), to connect people to the emotion and reliability of what you’re trying to communicate to them.

THIS is the power of comics / graphic novels. It not only visually shows what your work is about, but through the characters and story they follow in it they can be connected to you emotionally through that comic - and the image of what they read can stick in their head a lot easier, because it’s sensory and the narrative and visuals are portrayed in an entertaining way.



If you would like a Dekko Commission to make your own COMIC FLYER or COMIC WEBSITE LANDING PAGE or COMIC BOOKLET or POSTER or anything else, simply send us in a ‘Commission Enquiry’ via the button below and we will arrange things from there. We look forward to hearing from you!