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Here at Dekko, we don't just make our own comics. We also offer to turn YOUR organisation’s cause, message or idea into an entertaining visual to effectively 'wow' and engage. It's not just comics we can conceive, write and make for you – but also posters, caricatures, or anything else you'd like to work with us on. Whatever the medium, our focus is to grab people's attention and get them absorbed in and connected to what you're wanting to tell them.


Series of characters made for an ELT comic, anthropomorphising autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and dyscalculia.



Turning your ideas into an engaging reality.



Front Cover of a comic made for Warwickshire Fire Service to explain Fire Safety to school pupils.



Turning themes and topics into visual fun, catching readers' interest before they've even read the words.



A comic and character made to help children and families of the Armed Forces with transitions.



Making your message into a story, and your cause into characters.