Frequently Asked Questions


+ What ages are Dekko for?

They cover the KS2 Curriculum ~ so late Primary School, early Secondary School.

The best ages for the material are ages 9-12, but have been used and enjoyed by ages 8-14. (Sometimes younger and older.)

Glasgow University Tutors even recommended the comics as refresher material for pupils going in to University.

+ What subjects do the comics cover?

Maths, English, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, and even PSE/PSHE.

If you would like to see more subjects in the comics, let us know. We may do spin-offs and we also do commissions where you can commission us to make any comic (or poster) you like based on a particular subject.

+ Will these comics get my children into reading?

Yes, we are very confident of that. We have already received emails from parents telling us how Dekko Comics have gotten their son/daughter into reading for fun. (Enthusiastically so!)

Comics / Graphic Novels are also being used more in school libraries to get their pupils into reading more naturally. They start off with something visually engaging, luring them into reading the words that way.

+ Will there be Subject-specific compilations of the comics?

Yes! Moving forward we hope to provide a compilation of all of our Maths, English and Science comics so keep watch for any updates regarding this.

We hope to make more subject-compilations as material builds up but currently Maths and English are the most frequently covered subjects in our comics (due largely to demand.)