Dekko comics

Comics that vastly improve school engagement for disengaged readers aged 9-12.

Covering topics across the KS2 Curriculum (relevant in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) they make learning fun, easy to remember, and break down motivational barriers through entertainment. The same school information, presented in a different way. With wide appeal, they have proven especially helpful to people with dyslexia, autism, ASN and more.

Each comic issue covers different topics within a variety of subjects, though each one is guaranteed to contain Maths and English. You can buy our currently released comic issues and posters or order a subscription for between 3-12 months, where you will receive a new issue every month.

Individual comic issues are £6.99. A subscription saves you money off the cover price. P&P is free for both. 


These are simply fantastic, my dyslexic son finds reading boring and it’s a struggle to get him to read.
He LOVES these and wants the next issue. He even said “Mum, these are really funny and I am learning things along the way”. He’s not ever mentioned fun and reading in a sentence before.
— Parent of Dekko Comics Reader
The search for techniques and tools to improve teaching methods for students is vitally important for the development of education.
— Dr Paul Aleixo, Sheffield Hallam University

From the dekko blog

I have a Primary 6/7 class, one boy who is autistic, he adores them...
— David Crooks, Primary School Teacher using Dekko Comics


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