Duke's holiday

'Mysteries Solved'

Detective Duke Issue 8 ~ Clip 1.jpg

Vacation complication...

There I was, having a lovely holiday break in sunny France.

My swimming trunks were swiped from me while I was having a refreshing dip in an outdoor swimming pool. 

Later, I caught two suspicious-looking youths who were reportedly at the scene of the crime during the incident. One of them is responsible for the events that have left me wearing a paper bag from the waist down.


Tracking the clues...

After interrogating the two of them I wasn't getting anywhere (thanks to their current use of 'French' in conjunction with me not knowing any). 

Inspector Ian (AKA: my dog) and I went back to the scene of the crime. I found bike tracks leading away from the pool. Someone must have liked CYCLING to use a bike for a quick getaway. The tracks led to a river, where the bike had been left. The person must have SWAM across to make a quick getaway with the goods. 

Eventually I tracked down the likely home of the perpetrator, and discovered a room full of VIDEO GAMES and lacking any BOOKS. And sure enough, my swimming shorts were there too. 



In 'SHORT'...

Using the translations from my notes and referring back to my interrogation of the two boys, you would have been able to piece together which of the two was the more likely suspect.

The FIRST BOY liked swimming, didn't like reading, loved video games, and liked cycling. 

The SECOND BOY hated video games, loved football, didn't like cycling, and liked to draw. 

Going by the testimonies, all evidence suggests it was the FIRST BOY who committed the crime, as his hobbies and likes/dislikes match up with the evidence found; whereas the second boy's contradict it. 

As punishment, he shall spend 5 days of community service teaching me French, as well as buying me a new paper bag!!!