There are extra features to the Dekko Comics content, beyond just the comics and posters. In this page, you can find your answers to the Puzzle Pages of Dekko Comics issues, or to the the mysteries of Detective Duke stories. Or perhaps you would like to send us in something for the Dekko Fan Page, or check out the names on our Hall of Fame. 


Puzzle Page

Find out the answers to the Puzzle Page for each Dekko Comics Issue:


Fan Page

Send in your questions, comments, jokes, rhymes, favourite animals, facts, and ART to our Fan Page. Each Dekko Issue contains a Fan Page section, and maybe what you submit might get shown...


Mysteries Solved

Been reading the Detective Duke stories closely? Find out here if your deductions were correct!


Hall of Fame

These are some of the names that supported us in the early stages of the company and helped get Dekko Comics started. We honour them in this section of the website.

Come check them out, and find out a little about the roots of our company's journey.