A Weighty situation



How did it happen?

A little mouse was crushed by a 100 gram weight in Duke's living room.

It seems to have been dropped from one of the wooden beams near the ceiling of the room. 

The culprit must have been small enough, nimble enough, and STRONG enough to lift a weight up there and drop it down. 

We know that WEIGHT = the mass of an object multiplied by gravity.

We know that METRIC = a measuring system in multiples of 10.

What were the clues?

There were three suspects as to whom could have dropped the weight. 

Cornelius the Cat (Duke's house cat) is physically incapable of lifting more than 50 grams due to only being fed diet cat food.

Martha Mouse (the victim's ex-girlfriend) admitted she was capable of lifting 3 × her body weight. She weighs 35 grams. 

Ratsputin (a rat with a dodgy beard) confessed he went to the gym a lot to lift weights, due to his low self-esteem. The weights he currently lifts are 0.04 kg weights, though he says he could probably lift twice this much if he could face the challenge. 



Who was the culprit?

Martha mouse

One has to understand weight measurement to figure out the guilty one for this crime. 

100 grams is just 0.10 kilograms multiplied by 1000. Cornelius could only lift half that much, and Ratsputin's maximum lifting would probably be 0.04 kg × 2 (0.08 kg). That's only 40 g × 2 (80 g). But MARTHA can lift three times her weight: 35 g × 3 = 105 g. 

So she was the only one physically capable enough to lift a 100 g weight. No, it wasn't a spiteful cat or rat that squashed the victim, but a spiteful ex-girlfriend. (Watch out for those ones, lads!)