DEKKO workshops

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We run talks and workshops, where Rossie Stone – the creator and founder of Dekko Comics – comes to your school, library or institution and teaches how to make any information (schoolwork, study skills, PowerPoint presentations or otherwise) into pure entertainment. The purpose of this is to provide a practical tool for better engagement and results in classrooms and/or working environments. The workshops are based on the fundamental technique on which Dekko Comics is built, which comes from Rossie's experience of struggling at school with dyslexia as well as low self-esteem and how he overcame it. These are highly practical, interactive workshops where Rossie shares his own story and teaches the art of transforming a distraction into a solution - creating an enjoyable environment of willing activity and engagement.

Some of the organisations we have done workshops for, or won acclaim through our work with, include:

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We had the most amazing evening, it was a privilege to meet him and hear him speak. What an inspiration.
— Sharon Hall, Dyslexia Scotland North East
Your talk had such a profound effect on him. Everything you said, he was nodding along to in recognition and I can’t tell you how much this helped him seeing a young adult speaking his ‘launguage’.
— Carolyn Valentine, parent

Giving a workshop with the kids of Kielo International School, Finland.

 Sharing a story

Rossie tells the story of how he struggled at school with dyslexia, disengagement and (particularly when exams surfaced) a lack of confidence. He talks of how a self-embracing discovery he made, after years of disappointment and low grades despite a supportive school, changed everything for him. How he got his first grade A from having more fun with his studies, in an extraordinarily powerful way!


Rossie giving a Dekko workshop to P6 class at Colebourne Primary School, Birmingham.

 Turning even the dullest work into your own pure entertainment

After the talk, you are then taken through a demonstration of how easily you can apply the concept of making entertainment and engagement out of even the most boring or difficult subject. Rossie does some demonstrations for you to give you an idea of what to do and how to achieve this. If it’s a Personal Visit workshop, you are given the task of having a go at this yourself so that you understand. DRAWING SKILL IS NOT REQUIRED (or even drawing, for that matter).


'Thank You' cards received after a triple-booked workshop in Borders Book Festival 2017.

 Leaving you with something both insightful and practical

You will be equipped with something you didn’t have before this workshop, and what’s more is that you will know how to use it. Whether it’s a classroom, an exam study-skills session or a family event, it will create a room of positivity and offer a very practical insight that you can use for any relevant situation. For example, even if the workshop is for your child, YOU will also learn how to use it better to help your child in the future. The workshop angles itself flexibly to whatever the needs of the room are – down to the last individual.

It really isn’t complicated, but sometimes it takes an outside source who has been through the experience before to articulate the most simple yet effective solution right under our noses.



Depending on your location, budget or needs, we have three different formats of workshop for you to choose from. Each holds individual value, but all communicate the same message and lessons. The goal to be achieved in each of these workshops is flexibly catered to whatever your needs are:

  1. Online Workshop (£200)

The workshop is conducted over Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom. It involves Rossie giving his story as well as a visual demonstration of how to apply the workshop practice yourself and a Q&A session. The maximum length for these is one hour.


2. personal visit (£350)

This workshop involves Rossie visiting your school, organisation or workspace wherever you may be. As well as the story, demonstration and Q&A, Rossie will also take the attendees through the workshop process where everyone gets to have a go at this technique themselves to get a REAL understanding of it. Rossie gives live encouragement and feedback to attendees on an individual level while they work on this, to make sure something for every pupil is found. There is a show-and-tell session after.

These sessions last for 1 hour and 15 minutes MINIMUM. However, the price is CAPPED at £350, so the price does not change whether you want us to do a full day (eg: visiting several classrooms in one day) or a single session.

NOTE: fee does not include travel expenses and they must be paid for too.


3. TOUR (£1000)

Best option for local authorities or city councils. Rossie does full Dekko Workshops for up to 4 days. This can involve visiting several schools in several different counties or districts, or several different company branches. Alternatively, it can be utilised as a TRAINING WEEK, in which we work with one group over 2-4 days progressively for a more specific and profound result by the end of it.

NOTE: travel & accommodation expenses must be arranged and paid for too.