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We run talks and workshops, where Rossie Stone - the creator and founder of Dekko Comics - comes to your school, library or institution to teach children how to make any information (schoolwork or otherwise) into pure entertainment. The purpose of this is to provide a practical tool for better engagement and results in classrooms and learning environments. The workshops are based on the fundamental technique on which Dekko Comics is built, that comes from Rossie's experience of struggling at school and how he overcame it. These are highly practical, interactive workshops where Rossie shares his own story and teaches students the art of turning schoolwork into an enjoyable, willing activity of engagement.


Rossie giving a Dekko workshop to P6 class at Colebourne Primary School, Birmingham.


Sharing a story


Comic invented and drawn by pupil at one of Rossie's workshops. This one is about virus infections (Biology).


Turning your schoolwork into your own entertainment


'Thank You' cards received after a triple-booked workshop in Borders Book Festival 2017.


Leaving you with something both insightful and practical